"Aku masih mencari Dia, dalam pencarian diriku,
Aku mahu mengenali Dia, dalam manifestasi cintaku.
Aku paksikan rindukan Dia, sebagai bukti Dia syurgaku.
Pada Dia Yang Satu, hidupku matiku hanya untukMu".

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This poem I wrote in last year in my diary, which I dedicated it to my all Palestinians brothers and sisters. Till now, they are still suffering.. but many of us, start forgetting, as just the issue settled..  please be updated with the issue, help and always pray for them.

*sorry my english isn't so good...;)

I’m sorry Palestine,
I’ve forgot my brothers and sisters are there,
Suffering for fighting for their own land,
Debating whether to live or die,
As many tears has turned into blood,
And the earth turned into red sand.

For every seconds of the day,
They wish to be numb to all of their pain,
While we enjoy the day with full of laughter,
We forgot the cries of the innocent kids and their fear.

As the world gone all blind, 
I pray for the strength always in your soul and mind,
While you shed tears for helping hands,
Do believe, the new days will come.


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